Ideal Home – Yvonne Mulligan from Nine Yards Design designer of a DFS roomset

Yvonne Mulligan from Nine Yards Design has designed a roomset for the show in collaboration with DFS and you are going to love it ! She chatted to us about her love for the Cure frontman Robert Smith but she has yet to be in awe of a person she has met! Anyone got Robert Smith’s phone number & see if we can’t change that.

What led you to get into your chosen career-

While studying Art and Design, I worked part-time as a painter and decorator, I realised then that I could utilise my creativity for interiors. After working on various projects for friends and family, from reorientating rooms, to creating colour schemes and renovating a flat for my dad, a passion for interior design for ignited, I went on to study it and never looked back.

How do you “switch off”

I’m a real extravert and thrive on social interactions. So, my idea of switching off is through eating out with friends, comedy shows and live music gigs – especially in my favourite haunt the Blue Light Pub in the Dublin mountains.

Have you ever met a person who you were in awe of

Nope, not yet

What inspires you

Colour and texture, I literally get goosebumps when new fabric and wallpaper collections come in and find myself dreaming up the perfect roomsets for them!

Is there a person you would love to meet

Robert Smith, the lead singer from The Cure, I’ve had a crush on him since I was 12.

Where is your favourite place you have visited –

Berlin, I’ve been there a few times and would move in a heartbeat. I love the people, the language, the mix of architecture, the restaurants, museums and shops, especially the vintage clothing and retro furniture stores, but most of all I love how everything is steeped in history.

What is your greatest weakness –

TK Maxx, can’t go in there without leaving with some magical finds.

TV or music –

Big fan of both, but TV could never move me like music can.

What is your guilty pleasure –

Weekends away without the kids.

What is your dream project to work on

I love all types of projects, but there’s nothing more invigorating than when a client says ‘I haven’t a clue what to do’, gives me the reigns and they end up blown away with the finished result. Sounds cheesy but that’s what dreams are made of.
What really winds you up

Cruelty in any shape or form

What could you not live without

My Family.

What gives you a good old belly laugh

My sister Adrienne makes me laugh the hardest out of any other person in the world, it could be the smallest most insignificant thing and we end up doubled over with tears streaming down our faces, unable to stop laughing at each other…laughing!

Favourite Movie of all time

The Wizard of Oz

Most rewarding project you have worked on –

Hugh’s House, a charity based in Dublin that provides accommodation for families of sick children. DFS generously gave the gift of a 2-room makeover as part of DFS’s 50 Acts of Kindness in celebration of their 50th Anniversary and chose Nine Yards Design to design them. It was one of the most moving experiences of my career, enhanced more by the incredible people I met throughout.

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